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Octane Q37ci Elliptical

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Octane Q37ci Elliptical
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Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 customer reviews
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SKU Octane Q37ci

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Product Details

Octane Fitness has done the impossible!  They have made an amazing machine even better:  the all new Octane Fitness Q37ci has been designed with all the great features and quality of the previous model but now taken a step further.  With the addition of a side platform (optional) and the ability to truly incorporate upper body workouts, this Octane Elliptical is now a total body complete workout machine.  Taking into consideration the potential for a great upper body workout, combined with the best elliptical motion in the business and it clear that Octane will continue to be the "King of the Mountain" for many more years to come.

Q37CI Series—Effective, Efficient Cross-Training

  • Innovative CROSSCiRCUIT+ and customizable interval programs—offer an unparalleled challenge and variety to shape and tone your body
  • Powerbands and optional stationary side platforms—with multiple anchor points that let you complete strength training exercises that will benefit any user
  • Converging Path handlebars with MultiGrip—strengthen and tone the upper-body with the exclusively designed handlebars that offer a variety of hand positions and deliver a natural upper-body motion
  • ArmBlaster—tone the upper-body, with customizable resistance levels and interval durations to fit the needs of any level of exerciser
  • 1.8" pedal spacing—the most natural pedal spacing available, mimics human biomechanics and provides optimal comfort
  • X-Mode & GluteKicker—customizable workout boosters that prompt users into varied cross training actions to keep you interested, motivated, and pushing your workout to optimum results
  • Heart rate monitoring and control—lets you know just how hard you are working and keeps you 'in the zone'
  • Low step-up height—makes getting on and off effortless; great for low-ceiling rooms
  • Space-efficient footprint—significantly shorter than other premium ellipticals or treadmills; fits conveniently in your home
  • MOM Mode—promotes family safety and provides peace of mind for parents by disabling console buttons and restricting movement so little ones cannot easily move arms and pedals.

Natural Motion, Exceptional Results

Octane Fitness' patented Converging Path handlebars are the key to upper-body motion that delivers exceptional results, shaping and toning the arms and shoulders. The handlebar motion moves inward as you press forward, identical to the swing of the arms in a natural stride. The longer range of motion yields greater muscle involvement and more effective upper body use.

Additional features further enhance upper body development, including:

  • Innovative CROSS CiRCUIT+ exercises that target frequent trouble spots such as biceps and triceps
  • Core muscle recruitment builds stability and balance and enhances core body strength, improving overall health and wellness
  • Multiple hand positions on the MultiGrip to provide variety and comfort for any exerciser and reduce stress and fatigue from repetitive motion.

Comfort and Core Strength

The most important elements of an elliptical cross trainer are how it feels when you exercise and that it precisely fits your body for optimum comfort and effectiveness. The 20.5" stride length, 1.8" pedal spacing and low step-up height of the Q37 contribute substantially to comfort and easy access for most users.

You’ll feel the difference and notice the change in your body with these important Octane Fitness features:

  • Smooth, natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on your joints—provided by the Octane- exclusive Body-Mapping Ergonomics and QuadLink Drive
  • Off-machine CROSS CiRCUIT+ exercises with Powerbands and the optional side platforms help you focus on developing a solid core and shaping and toning the legs
  • Stationary handlebars take your arms out of play, focusing all your efforts on building core and leg strength while engaging in the numerous workout boosters.

Designed to Inspire
Workouts on Octane's Q37 Series are anything but routine, courtesy of engaging electronics that inspire you to perspire:

  • CROSS CiRCUIT+— Exclusive to Octane Fitness! Fun and motivating workouts that combine cardio sessions with strength intervals to increase daily energy and improve health and well-being.
  • Customizable interval programs and the unique 30:30 interval workout —provide intense aerobic and anaerobic workouts on the Q37ci
  • X-Mode—commands numerous cross training movements that get your entire body working
  • GluteKicker—challenges you to target your glutes, hips and thighs with intervals of intense lower-body moves
  • ArmBlaster—alternates steady resistance sessions with rigorous intervals of upper-body repetitions, leaving all muscles better conditioned.
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors on stationary handlebars provide accurate, immediate feedback to keep you working ‘in the zone’
  • HeartLogic Intelligence lets you choose from five interactive Q37ci programs that vary intensity levels according to your heart rate; choose a routine that maximizes your training efforts and meets your unique goals
  • “My QuickStart” saves your favorite routines for easy retrieval in future workouts

Unsurpassed Quality
Every Octane Fitness total-body elliptical cross trainer is made to exacting standards with only the best components and expert craftsmanship. During our quest to develop the ultimate elliptical cross trainer, we continuously tested our design for ergonomics and durability. Before we even built units, we were performing computer simulation testing, called finite element analysis (FEA).

We put prototype units on robotic testers to simulate the rigors of heavy use all day, every day. Then we moved into health clubs, where we encouraged exercisers to use and abuse prototype and production units.

Because Octane Fitness stands for excellence, quality is assured with continuous (24/7) robotics testing.

Octane Fitness = Inherently Superior Quality


Key mechanical features
QuadLink drive
Converging Path handlebars
Electronic stride adjustment
Adjustable stride: 18"-26"
Fixed stride length: 20.5"
Stride & resistance buttons on moving handlebars
Pedal spacing 1.8"
Low step-up height 4"
Console fan
Soft grip pedals
MultiGrip handlebars
1 time adjustable start/stop handlebars
Water bottle holder
MP3 player holder
Reading rack
Transport wheels
Electronic features
DedicatedLogic programming
Quick Start
My Quick Starts
Cool down
MOM mode
HeartLogic Intelligence
Wireless heart rate
Contact heart rate
Resistance levels 20
Number of programs 16
Preset resistance programs
Custom Interval
Stride length programs
Stride Interval
Dual Direction
Heart rate-controlled programs
Fat Burn
Heart Rate Custom Interval
30:30 Interval
Goal Programs
350 Calories
750 Calories
1/2 Marathon
Cross Circuit Programs
Lower Body Blast
Upper Body Blast
Core Focus
Total Body Blast
Workout boosters
Product specifications
Max user weight 300lbs
Footprint 30" x 65"
76cm x 165m
Footprint – live area 33" x 76"
84cm x 193cm
Product weight 220lbs
Frame Lifetime
Parts, excluding Powerbands 5 years
Parts, Powerbands 90 days
Labor 1 year

*CrossCircuit+ kit: 5 year parts, 1 year labor on platform, 90 days parts on Powerband
Warranty outside the USA and Canada may vary

Customer feedback

Product Rating

Product Rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: Aaron
First I just want 2 say the guys over a At Home Fitness were very helpful. We came in looking 4 a sole elliptical and after going thru all the info and trying all the ellipticals we came to find the Octane was the best fit for us. We are very happy with this purchase!

Author: Patricia Arnett
Best elliptical I have ever used! I travel alot and have used lots of other machines. I did not know about the Octane until I tried it at the local retailer. The sales guy had a lot of great things to say about this machine and I agree. I would recommend this to anyone. I also looked at the LifeFitness models but the Octane seemed to let me run more naturally on it.

Author: Dr. Anjay Tajaraj
I ask the sales guys on phone about best elliptical he did not hesitate he said Octane. After visiting store I now know why, I tried all of them and Octane felt the most natural. My feet never fall asleep on my Q37 like they did on the ones in the gym. I am very happy with my Octane and have recomended it to many of my patients who have joint issues. My wife says it looks pretty in our living room!

Author: Anna
I just bought Octane 37ci for the house (no time to go to gym, annoyed by gym's machine time limits, waiting time etc.). It was the greatest investment, I absolutely love it! I tried many machines in the past and this one is unique. I like X-mode, arm blaster and glut-kicker options. It makes workout more challenging and fun. Looking forward to shave some pounds on this machine. I highly recommend this eliptical.


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