Benefits of a summer treadmill workout program

31 May Benefits of a summer treadmill workout program

In colder climates, walking or running outdoors is often out of the question for several months each winter.
It’s the opposite in warmer climates, when the summer heat can be just about unbearable.
A great way to stay in shape during both weather extremes is to work out on a treadmill.
Instead of packing on the pounds while staying indoors, work in treadmill exercise. It will engage your body and mind.
Here are seven tips to help your treadmill workout:
* The most effective treadmill workouts are ones that will mimic walking or jogging outdoors, stimulating your mind as well as muscles.
* Treadmills are programmable, so keep things interesting by adjusting the speed, incline and-or decline.
* Program a treadmill workout that’s similar to a road or trail in your area. When you get to the big incline, visualize being outside running the hill.
* Play DVD movies while you’re on the treadmill to help pass the time.
* Play a good music CD mix to keep your body energized.
* Follow your workout on the treadmill display screen. Lots of people like to monitor the distance they’ve traveled, calories burned, speed and heart rate, which are all readouts available on most treadmills.
* Stop in at a specialty store such as At Home Fitness in Arizona, or check them out online for more information on the different types of treadmills that are available.
Good treadmills cost a decent amount of money up front, but they are a true investment that will pay off many times over in benefits over the long run.

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