Does vibration machine training work?

16 Jan Does vibration machine training work?

One of the newest, most rapidly growing lines of exercise equipment on the market today are vibration training machines.
It has led me to research these machines and also try them out personally in order to answer the question, “Does vibration machine training work?”
I can tell you without a doubt the answer is “yes.”
Vibration machines such as Best Buy award winners Power Plate and the new 3G Cardio Vibration Machines have been advertised to do everything from tone muscles, to improve strength and bone density, to improve circulation and even help lessen the effects of some diseases.
An idea that goes back to ancient times, and was popularized in the 20th century by the Russians to help their cosmonauts fight the effects of keeping muscles toned fit in zero gravity conditions, vibration training allows people to get on the machine’s platform and allow the vibrations to help work the muscles.
A person can stand, sit, lay down or assume other exercise positions such as a pushup or dip.
The platform creates vibrations, which are sent through the body.
Reflexively the muscles contract. This causes tendons to stretch, and increases blood flow and improves blood oxygenation.
It takes more than just standing on the machine to get the best results as a person will feel their muscles fatigue as they hold positions such as a squat, calf raise, or push-up. However, you can also adjust the Hertz settings to massage for a more relaxing experience.
Vibration machines allow a person to work their muscles to fatigue much more safely and efficiently than traditional method because it puts very little if any strain on ligaments and joints.
These machines have also been found to benefit people of all different ages and health levels and have even been popular in hospital and nursing homes because they allows people to safely exercise.
Consult with a doctor if you have health concerns before making any kind of workout changes.
Also, remember there are no easy ways to get totally fit, but combined with a good diet and healthy lifestyle vibration machines are one of the best ways to train out there.

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