Does Weightlifting Shrink the Breasts?

Does Weightlifting Shrink the Breasts?

Does Weightlifting Shrink BreastsIf you are a woman who has recently started an exercise routine, you may be feeling a bit concerned about how your workout may affect the size of your breasts.  After all, while many women are interested in losing body fat and fat from other parts of their body, most do not want to lose size in their breasts.  It is because of this fear of breast size reduction that many women steer clear of weightlifting, as they think lifting weights will shrink their breasts and give them a more manly physique.  The reality is that weight lifting will not shrink your breasts and, in fact, can even help make them firmer and less saggy.

To better understand why weightlifting won’t have a negative effect on your breast size, it important to gain a better understanding of the tissues that make up the breasts.  Since the breasts are made of fatty tissue and not from muscle, weightlifting will not have an effect on your breast size. If you lose fat, however, your breast size may get smaller along with the rest of your body as it burns off fat.

Keep in mind that muscle is not the same as fat and you can’t turn one into the other. Rather, if you exercise regular, you will burn off fat and build muscle.  Similarly, if you quit working out, you will lose muscle and you may gain fat because you are no longer giving your body the workout that it needs.  So, if you already have a very small amount of body fat, working out may cause your breasts to shrink.  If you are not in this category, however, you may notice a difference in your cup size, but it will remain in proportion with the rest of your body as you shed away the fat.

The bottom line is that you should add weightlifting to your workout routine in order to get the best workout possible.  Not only will it help you with burning fat, it will also help make your body stronger and healthier.  In addition, the improved posture you gain and the increased strength you achieve of the muscles behind your breasts will make them appear larger, perkier and fuller.

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