What are the best snacks near bedtime?

07 Feb What are the best snacks near bedtime?

If you are hungry near bedtime, don’t believe the urban myth that eating late will always cause you to gain weight.
There are some sensible snacks you can eat that may actually help you sleep better without packing on the pounds.
However, if you eat the wrong things late, then that will add on extra weight and could also interrupt your sleep.
Ideally, have your snack about an hour before bed.
What to eat late
Eat slow digesting foods that will release calories gradually through the night, rather than suddenly.
Foods that include complex carbohydrates are good choices, such as 100 percent whole wheat foods, vegetables and beans, along with lean proteins found in the likes of chicken breast, eggs, low-fat dairy products – milk, cottage cheese, tuna.
Whole grain toast with cheese, a banana with peanut butter, or whole grain cereal can help send you into a peaceful sleep.
What not to eat late
Foods that move through your system and can be digested quickly can actually increase your energy before bed and prevent sleep.
And, even worse, since your body doesn’t need much energy while laying on a bed, the calories wind up being stored as fat.
These bed-time no-no’s include white bread, soda, alcohol, and sweets such as cookies and donuts.

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