12 Days of AHF Christmas: Three vibration machines

Editor’s note: To help get our loyal Internet followers ready for Christmas, and let them know about the many great deals available through At Home Fitness, I’m revealing the 12 days of AHF Christmas. Here’s Day 3:

“On the third day of Christmas, At Home Fitness sent to me Three vibration machines, Two home gyms, And A sales associate with a great plan.”

Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV), also known as Accelerated Vibration Training (AVT) is the fastest growing area of the fitness industry. Vibration training has benefited people from all walks of life, from elite athletes, to the couple next door and even senior citizens and people struggling with chronic illnesses in some cases.
It works by stimulating the body’s reflexes to result in alternating muscle contractions and relaxations. Depending on the settings and what you do on the machine, it can be used for stretching, improving balance, core exercises, strength training and even massage therapy.
For stretching and basic strength training, the user can stand on the platform and hold a static exercise position (ie: squat, hamstring stretch or triceps dip). For more advanced strength training, perform dynamic exercises (ie: squat movement, pushup, bent over row).
The vibration plate motors send vibrations that you can adjust (often between 30-50 Hertz), which travel into the activated muscle groups.
The vibrations create instability, which the body senses and reflexively contracts muscles involuntarily to stabilize and react to.
The muscles contract in response to the plate vibration and movement, resulting in rapid contractions and accelerated results.
Alternating muscle contractions and relaxations results in a user’s muscle tissues activating and reacting up to 50 times per second. Studies have found up to 97 percent of the muscle fibers may be activated instantaneously, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional methods.
Because of this uniquely efficient way of training, users can see major benefits by working out on their vibration machine for as little as three times a week for 30 minutes.
Three of the top-rated vibration trainers on both
www.vibration-machine-reviews.com and www.vibrationplatereview.com have been given “Best Buy” awards and are my Christmas picks for you. They are Power Plate My7 (MSRP $7,999), 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine, ($4,999) and 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine ($3,999). They all received score rankings between 92 and 97.
Another great vibration machine that brings lots of stability and power for a more economical price is the 3G Cardio AVT 3.0 Vibration Machine ($2,249).
Incidentally, all four of these machines are carried by At Home Fitness in its Arizona superstores and online at www.athomefitness.com.

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