3G Cardio Vibration Machines honored with multiple Best Buy Awards

AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine by 3G Cardio

AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine by 3G Cardio

As Vibration Training continues to grow in popularity, 3G Cardio continues to win praise and awards for its state-of-the-art machines.
The 3G Cardio AVT™ Vibration Machines – available in 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 models – provide all of the power, sturdiness and ease to use of a leading competitor, but at about half the price.
With those kind of attributes going for 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers, it comes as no surprise that the following reviewers have given the company based out of Phoeniz, Ariz., Best Buy awards:
* The Fitness Professor
* Vibration-machine-reviews.com
* vibratationplatereview.com
The 3G Cardio 3.0 (MSRP $2,499, At Home Fitness sale price $1,999), 5.0 (MSRP $3,999, AHF sale price $3,599) and 6.0 machines (MSRP $4,999, AHF sale price $4,499) give people the chance to experience all the benefits of vibration training, but at a much lower cost than some other comparable machines.
Just how popular is vibration training? Consider that about half the NFL teams use them, especially liking them for how they help with stretching and overall flexibility.
Yet, these machines are so versatile that many senior citizens and rehab centers use them as well. Celebrities, college and high school athletes and even average every day people exercise on them as well.
Everyone can find their own value in vibration training, whether it’s strength training, flexibility and/or massage. Some people even use vibration trainers to help treat chronic health problems.
3G Cardio Vibration Machines were used during a report on this increasingly popular training method recently on KCWI-TV’s morning show “Great Day” in Des Moines, Iowa recently.
KCWI’s Jackie Schmillen interviewed Doug Corson from Push Pedal Pull about the benefits of vibration training.
“The best way to really explain it is instead of using weights to break down your muscle fibers, it’s so much easier on your body because it moves in three different directions at the same time – front to back, up and down and side to side,” Corson said. “It’s designed to cause muscle confusion.”
Muscle confusion causes your muscle fibers to fire faster than what they normally would.
“They’re forced to balance and react to that unstable surface underneath,” Corson said.

Why train with 3G Cardio?
Vibration Machine Reviews ranked the 3G Cardio 6.0 as its No. 1 machine in the world, stating: “We will put it to you simple, you can either buy a Power Plate® Pro5™ for $9995 or you can buy a 3G Cardio® 6.0 for $4999 and get about the same Hertz, Amplitude, Platform Size and oh yeah, 24 built in programs and a free iPad App!”
In explaining why he gave a repeat “Best Buy” award to 3G Cardio in 2013 for the top ranking among vibration trainers, the Fitness Professor stated: “Compare and you will find that 3G over-powers the competition with class leading platforms, commercial grade components, dual consoles plus their proprietary iTunes Vibration Training app,” The Fit Prof wrote. “Whether it is the robust 3.0 AVT, benchmark setting 5.0 ATV or commercially rated 6.0 AVT, 3G Cardio cannot be beat and is once again our FIT PROF Head of the Class BEST BUY for vibration for the second consecutive year!
The Fit Prof called 3G Cardio, which also produces the award-winning 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill, one of the fitness industry’s up-and-coming manufacturers.
“With over 50 years of combined experience and a very impressive line of vibration plates, 3G is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after product lines in the industry,” the Fit Prof said.
At a retail price of $4,999 and a weight of 267 pounds, the 3G Cardio AVT™ 6.0 Vibration Machine incredibly has the same-sized workout platform (34×28) to stand on as a popular vibration machine that sells for $12,000.
With the 3G 5.0 and 3.0 machines also offering exceptional features, there’s a size to fit every person’s needs.

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