3G Cardio vibration trainers part of fastest growing segment of fitness industry

Vibration training is the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry.
And one of the best brands of vibration trainers to check out is 3G Cardio.
The 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine ($3,599, $400 off MRSP) and 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine ($4,499, $500 off MSRP) have both earned “Best Buy” awards from two major independent review sites: www.vibration-machine-reviews.com and www.vibrationplatereview.com.
The 3G Cardio machines compare favorably with other top-rated models that sell for thousands more.
It’s rare to see 50 hertz of power or the huge workout platform at the 3G Cardio price point, which is a fraction of the cost of similar higher-priced commercial models.
Also, the 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine comes with a one-year warranty for labor and two years for parts, while the 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine is guaranteed for three years on its parts and one year for labor.
At Home Fitness co-owner Bryan Dorksen is extremely pleased that his Arizona super stores have an exclusive agreement with 3G Cardio to sell these state-of-the-art machines at the lowest prices available.
“This is the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry since the elliptical training machines were introduced about 15 years ago,” Dorksen said. “(Vibration training machines) are the most versatile piece of fitness equipment there is on a retail floor.
“From people with autism, to Parkinson’s Disease, to Alzheimer’s Disease, to senior citizens, to amateur and pro athletes and everyone in between, vibration training machines really do offer benefits for all.”
And for the features that the 3G Cardio vibration training machines have, they are an incredible deal at their price point. It’s like setting up a health club in your own home if you decide to make the investment because there are so many different exercises one can do on a 3G Cardio vibration training machine.

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