A-list fitness gift ideas: Vibration Machine

Whole Body Vibration machines, also know as Accelerated Vibration Training machines, might not be as well known to people as fitness staples such as treadmills and elliptical machines.
However, they’re an incredibly fast growing part of the fitness industry and an A-list gift idea that people of all ages can benefit greatly from.
Accelerated Vibration Trainers such as the 3G Cardio® AVT™ 5.0 Vibration Machine allow people to get better training results in less time than traditional methods.
The person training on a vibration machine holds common exercise positions, such as a squat, pushup or calf raise. The vibrations will cause the engaged muscles to reflexively contract.
Whereas a normal squat may only activate about 30-60 percent of the leg muscles, the acceleration trainer will allow a person to keep going and engage up to 99 percent of the muscle group. Fast-twitch and stabilizing muscles become more engaged, and more strengthened in the process.
The 3G Cardio® AVT™ 5.0 Vibration Machine is one of the very best vibration machines on the market and winner of two Best Buy awards. The ergonomically-correct handles, and comfort of the vibration platform and overall stability of the machine help make anyone feel at home on it.
And the adjustable power levels will make sure the user gets the vibration power needed to get the best workout possible.
Don’t just take my word on it. Try out a vibration training machine today at one of At Home Fitness’ superstores in Arizona or learn more about them at www.athomefitness.coom.

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