BodyGuard E-40 Elliptical is a mighty mini

For a relatively small package compared to other elliptical machines, the BodyGuard E-40 Elliptical is a mighty mini.

The Bodyguard E-40 Elliptical Machine (AHF price $2,099) has garnered the “Consumer Reports” No. 1 ranking for ellipticals without heart rate programs and is available at At Home Fitness. The Bodyguard Ellipticals have also been named Fit Prof “Best Buy” winners for 2016.

Bodyguard Ellipticals have all the benefits of a heavy-duty platform frame, but with a space-efficient footprint.

Let’s face it, people who are setting up a home workout room usually don’t have the floor space of a big commercial gym. The key to a home gym is finding quality equipment that won’t take up a lot of space.

Bodyguard E-40 Elliptical Machine (AHF price $2,099)

Bodyguard E-40 Elliptical Machine (AHF price $2,099)

Ellipticals have an edge compared to treadmills because they usually have a smaller footprint and the clearance requirements to exercise on them aren’t as great.

The Bodyguard E-40 measures just 62 x 28 x 61 inches once assembled, so it fits into tight workout areas. However, it’s extremely sturdy with a weight of 209 pounds and it’s rated to be used by people who weigh up to 350 pounds.

A battery powered LCD console display features an animation center surrounded by information windows showing the parameters of the exercise under way.

The E-40 elliptical has four workout program options that allow the user to set workout goals or to race against a computer competitor at three different levels. You can also easily manually control the workout to suit your goals.

An incredible residential warranty covers parts for 10 years and labor for three years.

“Given the compact design of the Bodyguard E-40, you might expect some trade-off in performance,” the Consumer Reports review stated. “But it earned the highest overall score among ellipticals without a heart rate program. It even edged out a couple models with heart rate programs, even though they have an obvious advantage in our scoring of heart rate features.”

These amazing elliptical machines provide great residential and light commercial performance without breaking the bank.

“Get on and go” on an incredibly smooth, space-efficient machine that provides a great workout. You pay for performance, not a bunch of extra bells and whistles that jack up the price of other ellipticals.

Bodyguard standard features include X-Comfort Footpads, which provide improved foot support. That helps improve blood circulation and general comfort during exercise.

“We were particularly impressed by the Bodyguard E-40’s exercise range, which is largely a measure of resistance,” Consumer Reports stated. “Credit the machine’s manual brake, another feature borrowed from indoor cycle design. Though it’s not quite as convenient as an electronic brake, the manual brake can be cranked down to create a huge amount of resistance. Resistance can also be fine-tuned with minor adjustments, which you can’t do with the electronic brake found on most elliptical exercisers.”

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