Five tips to keep your 2016 New Year’s resolution

Something may have been on your mind lately.

Let me guess, you want to lose weight? Get more fit? Eat better? Are you making a New Year’s resolution to get more fit in 2016?

If so, you’re not alone. Most estimates and surveys suggest that somewhere between 40-60 percent of Americans make some kind of New Year’s resolution. To put that in perspective, “only” about one-third watch the Super Bowl on TV each year.

Having an exercise partner can help achieve a New Year's resolution to get more fit.

Having an exercise partner can help achieve a New Year’s resolution to get more fit.

Unfortunately, those same studies also show that less than 20 percent of people will keep the promises they make to themselves. Research from the University of Scranton found that only 8 percent of people kept their resolution.

How can you break the trend?

A lot of that low success rate is due to setting unreasonable expectations for yourself, or getting too down if you slip up and giving up. Here are five tips to help improve the odds of keeping your vow, and in turn better yourself in 2016:

1. Keep it simple – Set small, attainable goals rather than one huge goal. Don’t say you want to lose a huge amount of weight, or go to the gym five times a week, if that would be nearly impossible.

If you have not been able to exercise much, instead shoot for a lower number of days per week like three and strive for consistency. If you can eventually add more days, then great.

2. Choose tangible goals – If you can’t measure it, it might not be a good resolution.

Set tangible goals, such as go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Even better would be to join a spinning or yoga class, run a mile or 5K in a specified amount of time, or fit into a certain pair of old jeans.

3. Avoid past failures – Don’t set resolutions that you’ve made in the past and always seem to fail – unless of course you really believe this is the year.

And if you do try to repeat a resolution that’s failed in the past, try altering it some.

If you are trying to take on a really major resolution that‘s failed in the past, like quitting smoking or drinking, then this time seek professional assistance. If you’ve failed repeatedly in weight loss or other fitness goals, then maybe working with a dietician or trainer will help get you over the hump.

4. Create a game plan – Map out a plan on how to keep your resolution. Jot down ideas on how you’ll be able to follow through and you can write down some of the hurdles you expect will present themselves. If you’ve set fitness goals, keeping a daily workout log will be a huge help.

Having an exercise partner can also be a big help to achieve a New Year’s resolution to get more fit.

5. Give it at least two weeks – Most resolutions are lost before January is even a few weeks old.
The most crucial time to keeping a resolution is the first two weeks, so be tough on yourself the first two weeks even if it’s really hard.

If you can get through those two weeks you’re obviously still not home free, but it will be a lot easier.

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