BH Fitness Equipment

BH Fitness is an international company with a long tradition of excellence. Based in Spain and formed in 1909, BH Fitness was originally formed by the Beistegui Brothers, aka Beistegui Hermanos (BH).The brothers started out making various products with steel and even helped make weapons for World War I. After gaining experience in steel treatments, BH focused on making bicycles after 1919. Since that time it has branched out to continually produce products on the cutting edge of technology in the health and fitness industry. Today, BH Fitness has a complete line of home, light commercial and full commercial equipment, ranging from treadmills, upright and recumbent bicycles, ellipticals, indoor training cycles, whole body vibration platforms and strength equipment. Some of the top athletes who train on BH Fitness equipment include Ironman® winners, Olympians and Tour de France stars.

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