Santa’s dream list: At Home Fitness Best Buy Awards $4,500 and up

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It takes a lot of physical conditioning for Santa Claus to keep up the rigorous schedule that he has for decades — and to work off the amount of milk and cookies he consumes while making his rounds.
At Home Fitness has received some insight into how St. Nicholas is able to do this. We found the Santa Claus fitness dream list he wants for himself and Mrs. Claus this Chirstmas.
Without further adieu, presenting the At Home Fitness #1 rated Best Buy Awards for equipment priced at $4,500 and above:
Landice L8 Executive Trainer Treadmill (MSRP $5,895 / AHF price in Arizona $5,305) — The Landice L8 Executive Trainer contains all of the extra features required for an exceptional workout. With this treadmill, you can enjoy six different fitness levels, a numeric keypad, and personal data and statistics storage for five family members.
The Landice L8 Executive Trainer is the top of the line model offered in the L8 series. This model has all of the extras that you might want to have included in your treadmill. The all new Landice Treadmills have a completely redesigned upper console reading rack which includes high quality built in speakers, a 3 speed fan and IPod/MP3 compatible cables. As might be expected with a top-of-the-line treadmill, this model allows you to enjoy a great workout while being built to last a lifetime.
The Landice L8 Executive Trainer Treadmill is made with the latest technology, which means it provides the best workout while reducing the impact on your joints and knees. In addition, it is made to fit and look nice in your home gym while still offering you with the kind of power you need. The four horsepower continuous-duty drive motor allows you to push your workout to the next level without worrying about overheating the machine.
Since Landice only manufactures treadmills, you can count on the equipment incorporating the latest technology and always being cutting edge. The machines are so cutting edge, in fact, that Landice has been ranked No. 1 for the last seven years in a row by consumer rating industries.
Octane Fitness Q47xi Elliptical (MSRP $5,099 / AHF price $4,599) — The Octane Fitness Q47xi Elliptical delivers health club quality form, function and results to your home gym. These premium ellipticals are the most ergonomically advanced and technologically superior elliptical machines available. Designed to help you commit to and maintain a fitter lifestyle, they are built to last and perform exceptionally.
The Q47 features a uperior, high polished display screen
SmartLink, Bluetooth® hookups, 51 workout programs with SmartLink, and a Multi-color SmartLight feedback center that simultaneously displays key workout information. It has 3 placement options for a tablet, wireless heart rate with a FREE Polar® heart rate strap and Easily adjustable stride.
This original Octane Fitness innovation automatically changes the stride length to simulate walking, jogging and running. It replicates what you do outside without even thinking about it:
Vectra Fitness VX-48 Home Gym (MSRP $11,499, AHF sale price $10,999) — The VX-48 is the top of the Vectra Fitness line, offering the most comprehensive assortment of features and exercises available in a multigym.
For the family that likes to work out together or light-commercial applications with the potential of multiple users, the VX-48 (or the 3-stack VX-38) is the most popular multigym choice. Vectra machines are designed to be so smooth and easy to adjust that several people can easily workout simultaneously. The user is able to move through their routine quickly and efficiently, freeing up a space for the next person. Also, each exercise station on the machine is self contained, with it’s own dedicated weight-stack, arranged around the unit so that awkward face to face and embarrassing shoulder to shoulder contact between users is avoided.
The VX-48 provides a complete full body workout. However, if space limitation is a factor, consider using the VX-11 in conjunction with the VX-38. This combination provides precisely the same exercises as the VX-48, with greater configuration flexibility in room layout.
AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine by 3G Cardio (MSRP $4,999 / AHF Sale Price: $4,499) — The award winning 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine brings the quality of the health club into the privacy of your own home. The state-of-the-art electronic display allows you to access a wide variety of stretching, strengthening, and massage programs, and because of the generously oversized vibration platform, you will enjoy both standing and lying exercises without feeling restricted or crowded.
At a retail price of $4,999 and a weight of 267 pounds, the 3G Cardio AVT™ 6.0 Vibration Machine incredibly has the same sized workout platform (34×28) to stand on as a popular $12,000 vibration machine.
When it comes to vibration machines, the actual physical weight of a machine is a good indicator of just how good a unit is and the 3G model literally stacks up with just about any competitor.
The AVT 6.0 machine has a base that measures 45x36x28 and matches any other model with a Hertz capacity of up to 50 and an amplitude that can be be adjusted from 1-4 mm. It can be purchased in black or silver.
Vibration training machines create instability, which the body senses and reflexively contracts muscle tissue involuntarily to stabilize and react to the stimuli.
The result is all three types of skeletal muscles are instantaneously called into service because of the near-immediate level of fatigue. No longer is there a “progression of muscle fatigue” as in normal
strength training.
AVT, also known as Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV or WBVT), can work up to 95 percent of the muscle fibers, compared to as little as 20 percent with standard equipment.

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