BH Fitness LK700FB Fan Bike

The LK700FB is the Fan Bike with BH HIIT High Intensity Interval Training that uses Wind Resistance for optimum results. It is built to be used for Upper or Lower body workout. A variety of intensive workouts can be made using the dial to adjust airflow resistance

Indoor Cycles
BH Indoor Cycles are designed to replicate the outdoor cycling experience. Every bike is adjustable for a personalized fit and features highly variable resistance . With high-inertia flywheels, motivating cycling computers and sturdy steel frames, BH Indoor Cycles are built to provide an enjoyable and rewarding workout experience for years to come.

LK Series

  • Wind Resistance System
  • Adjustable Air Flow via Dial
  • Console programming is designed to motivate and push users to meet their goals
Weight 92 lbs


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