Landice L8 Pro Trainer Treadmill

The Landice L8 Pro Treadmill is a simple model, but still provides for a great workout combined with exceptional durability. The all new Landice Treadmills have a completely redesigned upper console reading rack which includes high quality built in speakers, a 3 speed fan and IPod/MP3 compatible cables. The easy-to-read statistics display offers information such as distance, time, and more while the AccuTrack contact heart-rate monitoring system can be added as an option.

The Landice L8 Pro Treadmill  is the most basic model available in the L8 80 series. Although the L8 Pro Treadmill is the simplest offering in the line, it is still an exceptional piece of equipment that comes complete with a number of attractive features.

As with all of the machines in the L8 80 series, the Pro Treadmill incorporates the latest technology and is highly durable.  Made with the finest craftsmanship, the Landice Pro Treadmill is designed to last a lifetime.  In addition, it features a powerful four horsepower continuous-duty drive motor that makes it possible to achieve a high-level workout without fear of overheating the machine.

The Landice L8 Pro Treadmill offers a great deal of power and incorporates the latest technology, but it is still designed to look attractive in your home gym.  Whether the machine is placed in a room designed specifically for working out or it makes its home in your living room, the sleek and attractive design makes it look great.

With almost 40 years of experience in the treadmill manufacturing business, Landice has earned top ratings from consumer rating industries.  In fact, it has taken the top spot for five years in a row within some ratings industries.  This is largely because the company focuses all of its efforts exclusively on treadmills and treadmill technology, allowing it to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Every treadmill in the L8 series offers the following features:

  • A rust free frame made of aluminum that is capable of holding up to 500 pouonds, which makes it the strongest in the industry
  • A four horsepower continuous-duty drive motor that allows for workout speeds ranging from 0.5 mph to 12 mph
  • A safety lanyard and a magnetic key switch that make it possible to shut the machine off immediately if necessary
  • Two shock absorption systems, including the Standard VFXPlus Shock Absorption System that is five times softer than grass and the Optional ElliptiMill Orthopedic Shock Absorption System that is seven times softer than grass and provides added protection to the joints and knees
  • A reversible deck that is one inch thick and offers 3,000 hours of workout time per side and a total of 30 years of workout time for the average user
  • A 1000-poound thrust elevation motor that offers 33% more strength than the nearest competition
  • A cast, high-inertia flywheel that provides additional protection to the motor and electrical components while also creating a smoother workout
  • Large rollers that increase surface area, which decreases tension, takes strain off of the bearings and belts, and helps create a smoother workout
  • A 22″ x 63″ long, four-ply treadbelt
  • 15% electric grade elevation
  • An accessories rack
  • Landice L8 Pro Trainer Treadmill Dimensions: 32″ x 82″

In addition to the features that come standard with all L8 series models, the Landice L8 Sport Trainer also offers:

  • A statistics display that shows the distance, time, calories, elevation, and pace
  • The option to add pulse rate to the statistics display
  • The option to add the Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system, which offers wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring

The Landice L8 Pro Trainer comes complete with a lifetime warranty on treadmill parts as well as a one year warranty on labor.

The Landice frame is made of aircraft quality 6063-T6 aluminum and secured with aircraft locking hardware. Costing three times more than steel, aluminum gives our frame the strength to support a user weighing up to 500 lbs.

Aluminum is an inert material – It does not rust.
When you run on a treadmill, you sweat. Sweat is salt water, which is highly corrosive and causes steel to rust. Steel treadmill frames, like automobiles, are painted to delay the rusting process but eventually, like automobiles, steel frames can rust from the inside out over the life of the treadmill.

Aluminum is three times stronger than steel per unit weight
The Landice treadmills use aluminum frame construction and weigh over 275 lbs. It is this strength that allows us to offer up to a 500-lb. user weight capacity and a lifetime frame warranty. When money is not an option, auto manufacturers turn to aluminum over steel for car frames and engine blocks, therefore maximizing power and strength while simultaneously reducing weight.

Aircraft locking hardware is more reliable than welding
Both aircraft and Landice treadmills are assembled with locking hardware. Locking hardware provides a reliably repeatable system of securing the frame. The problem with a weld is that without x-ray equipment it is impossible to tell if a weld is solid. Poor welds may look solid but can lead to squeaking and eventually structural failure. Just as airplane wings do not fall off airplanes, Landice frames retain their structural integrity after years of heavy health club usage.

When human lives are at stake in applications such as bridges and airplanes, designers choose to bolt rather than weld for consistent reliability. Landice uses a 4 HP continuous duty drive motor. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 4 HP in our treadmill without overheating.

• Importance of horsepower rating
A 2.0 HP motor will run twice as hot as a 4 HP motor delivering the same load. The hotter a motor runs, the faster it will burn out. A good analogy involves a pickup truck and a dump truck. You can load both with the same number of bricks and drive them across the country back and forth for a year. The dump truck, however, will obviously last much longer.

• Importance of the continuous duty rating
Beware of motors that depart from the continuous duty rating. The Landice motor is rated for 5 peak horsepower, which means it can deliver 5 HP for 15 minutes before it begins to overheat. If you overheat your motor you will shorten its life span.

• Look at the drive motor’s physical size and construction quality
Be sure to look at a motor’s physical size before buying a treadmill. Compare its size to that of a Landice for a good indication of its true continuous duty rating. Be sure to check out the quality of the motor. Does the motor have an integrated fan for additional cooling in its design or was it an after thought. What materials were used in the construction of the motor…metal, plastic or even paper?

Look at our competitors who sell both home and club treadmills. All offer larger diameter rollers in their more expensive institutional treadmills. When it comes to their home models, they often sacrifice the quality of their treadmill by using less expensive, smaller diameter rollers.

Larger rollers provide for less friction and longer life
The larger the roller diameter, the less tension required on the treadbelt since the roller has more surface area to grab the belt. Decreased tension means decreased friction and longer life on belts and bearings.

• Larger rollers allow us to use a large industrial bearing
Landice treadmills use a 2.05″ industrial bearing. Even some of our competitors’ larger institutional rollers use a less durable 1″ bearing with a spacer to fill the rest of the tube. Landice roller bearings are completely sealed using polyurethane gaskets

• Landice uses the thickest steel tubing in the industry
Compare the 5/16″ wall thickness of our rollers to our competitors’. You notice that ours are considerably thicker. The strength of these walls prevents the bearings from “cocking.” Knocking, noisy bearings are often caused by a “cocked” bearing. To further prevent “cocking,” Landice mills a seat in the roller for the bearing to sit on. Many competitors simply rely on the friction of the tube to hold the bearing in place.

Landice rollers weigh 14 pounds (L7 Series) and 22 pounds (L8 Series)
If you pick up a Landice roller, you will notice it weighs significantly more than our competitors’. In fact, it weighs more than many of our competitors’ flywheels. Our rollers actually act as two extra flywheels in the treadmill, further contributing to smooth operation and longer treadmill life.

• Landice rollers are crowned
Larger diameter rollers naturally track better than smaller ones. Landice further enhances belt tracking by machining a crown on its front and rear rollers.

Inertia: The measure of a well-designed flywheel
Put simply, inertia is the measure of how effectively a flywheel keeps the treadmill from slowing down when a runner’s foot strikes the treadbelt. A properly-designed flywheel will not only provide for a smooth, consistent feel but will also protect the motor and electronics from the stress and pounding associated with treadmill use.

• Maximize inertia: Put the weight in the outside of the flywheel
Landice uses an expensive casting process to construct our flywheel. We pour liquid steel in a hollow mold, which allows the flywheel to have 3/4 of its 14 pounds in its outside edge. Many of our competitors use a less expensive method of cutting the flywheel out of tube of solid steel. Our cast flywheel acts with the inertia of a 42-pound solid flywheel but with the benefit of placing only 14 pounds of pressure on the motor shaft and bearings of the motor.

Maximize inertia: Spin the flywheel faster
Landice spins our motor at 3200 rpm, 1/3 faster than the industry standard 2400 rpm. This increases the inertia effect of the flywheel 1.77 times, allowing the motor and electronics to run smoother and cooler, which helps them last longer.

• Beware of heavy flywheels
A heavy solid mass flywheel is one way of achieving high inertia. One of our competitors once tried a 30 lb. solid mass flywheel. The result was a disaster due to excessive over

Weight 1 lbs


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