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Reebok Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Heart rate to ECG accuracy
  • Heart rate zone high and low limit in 1 beat steps – can set exact heart zone
  • Out of zone alarm – audible warning when out of zone – can be switched off
  • Displays heart rate and percentage of maximum heart rate – don’t have to calculate what the percentages should be

Product Information:

Scan Sequence – Press a button, unit will display average heart rate, highest & lowest heart rate and total exercise time.
Stopwatch with accumulated time in target zoneTriple display:

  • Time of Day- Heart rate and % of maximum heart. rate
  • Stop Watch- Heart rate and % of maximum heart rate.
  • Time in Zone- Heart rate and % of maximum heart rate.
  • LCD light, best of any heart monitor, can see LCD display in poor light conditions
  • 50 Lap memory with corresponding average and current heart rate.
  • Calculates accumulated time above, below and In your personally set target zones.
  • Water resistant to 20m
    Fanny Pack to store product
  • Contour Lite Transmitter included – user can change battery

Perfect for the fitness enthusiast!

Quick start, just enter age and target zone is automatically set

  • Triple row display with time of day, heart rate, and % of max heart rate
  • Target zone memory records time in, above and below target zone with average
  • Powerful 50 lap memory stopwatch
  • Audiable and visual heart rate alarms
  • Auto scan of average heart rate, highest & lowest heart rate, and exercise time
  • Key press heart rate allows manual heart rate measurement without chest strap
  • Includes clock & calendar
  • Water resistant to 20 meters
  • User changeable battery
  • Includes chest transmitter with user replaceable battery
  • NightVision backlight
  • One year warranty


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