WaterRower Oarsome Potential Rowing Grips

WaterRower Oarsome Potential Rowing Grips


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Oarsome Potential Rowing Grips

The Oarsome Potential Rowing Grips fit snugly over your Water Rower handle, providing the most effective solution for your sore hands and wrists.

The ergonomically shaped grips prevent skin from bunching up – the root cause of blisters!

Made from industry trusted specially softened plastic, the Oarsome Rowing Grips always maintain their shape, providing you with ergonomic efficiency making your training on the Water Rower more effective.

Please note that you will find it easier to fit the Oarsome Potential Grips onto your WaterRower handle if you soak the grips for a few minutes in warm water. This is especially the case with WaterRower’s purchased before August 2010 which came with a slightly thicker handle.

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