10 must-have items in the gym bag to make you super strong

Strength Training

Strength Training

For those rare people who really push their limits of the body – and I mean push them by lifting as much weight as is possible, and then try for more the next time – here are some tips to help reach your lofty goals.
I’ve talked with several trainers and come up with a list of 10 must-have items in your gym bag that can help make you stronger.
Again, these tips are basically for the strongest of the strong, people who are looking to get even stronger. As you read on you’ll find that the average person who works out wouldn’t even know what to do with ammonia tablets or fat gripz in a gym, but power lifters sure do.
Without further adieu, here are some training accessories that should be in your gym bag:
1. Weight belt – You probably already have this, but here’s a reminder just in case. A good weight belt gives confidence and support to the lifter.
2. Knee wraps – These will help keep your knees safe when you start throwing so many 45-pound plates on the bar for squats that it starts to bend.
3. Wrist wraps – Similar idea as the knee wraps, wrist wraps help you grab the bar when the poundage really adds up.
4. Chalk – Keep some in a baggy to help ensure a great grip.
5. Bench press shirt – When you go for maximum bench press lifts, this specialty shirt will help you stay safer and reach new personal bests.
6. Mini band – Will help you stretch better and the nice part is you can vary the tension.
7. Fat gripz – Go over dumbbells to make enhance grip and training and actually make forearms even stronger.
8. Foam roller – Great for pre- and post-workout stretching and muscle massage.
9. Supplements – You pick what works for you, but it’s always good to have a protein powder on hand or whatever else you use for a pre- or post-workout boost,
10. Dr. Hoy’s Pain relief gel – If you haven’t tried it, this stuff is great for loosening up stiff muscles and joints. I know of one guy who’s spent over $1,000 on this stuff in the past few years it’s helped him so much.

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