10 tips to get you motivated about fitness

One way to get more motivated about fitness is to make it more fun by trying new exercises, such as lifting kettlebells like AHF writer Aaron Dorksen is pictured doing.

Oftentimes, when it comes to getting fit the hardest part is just getting started.
Here are 10 motivational tips to help get – and keep – you going:
1. Find inspirational fitness quotes – Perhaps you like Woody Allen’s famous motivational quote – “Eighty percent of success is just showing up” have your own or need to be on the lookout for more. Any way you find them, motivational quotes are a great way to get yourself motivated.
2. Time for you – Think of exercise as time for you and just you if that helps. Many people constantly make time for others – from kids, spouse, other family, co-workers, students, etc. – but don’t often make time for themselves. If you think of fitness as “you time“ that might make a difference.
3. Have fun – I still talk to a surprising number of people who think fitness isn’t fun. I’m not sure if they were scarred (or is it scared) by a hard-driving former coach, but exercise should be fun. If it isn’t, pick out different exercises to do. But as long as you’re moving and burning calories, just about anything you choose will be beneficial.
4. Look in the mirror – Picture how much better you’ll look if you
exercise regularly.
5. Set a goal to wear some old favorite clothes – Maybe set a goal to fit into an old favorite shirt or pair of jeans you’ve had to retire lately
because it doesn’t fit.
6. Read about fitness – You can get a lot of great ideas and motivation from reading about fitness in magazines, books, newspapers and the Internet.
7. Success stories. Look for articles on other people’s success stories or talk to friends who are physically fit and pick their brains if you can.
8. Rewards – Give yourself a reward for meeting certain exercise goals, such as buying new clothes or taking a trip.
9. Find a workout partner – For some people this is the best way to stay motivated.
10. Buy some new fitness equipment – Find something you’ll use and
add it to your home gym, or start a workout room. Having equipment at your home such as a treadmill, elliptical machine and-or free weights is a great way to never miss going to the gym. It’s always a walk down the hall at your home.

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