12 Days of AHF Christmas: Four exercise mats

Editor’s note: To help get our loyal Internet followers ready for Christmas, and let them know about the many great deals available through At Home Fitness, I’m revealing the 12 days of AHF Christmas. Here’s Day 4:

“On the fourth day of Christmas, At Home Fitness sent to me Four exercise mats, Three vibration machines, Two home gyms, And A sales associate with a great plan for me.”

If you’re going to have a great workout, you have to have great exercise mats underneath you. From doing stretches, to planks or Pilates or using exercise equipment, it’s important to have the right exercise mat.

The many pressure points on your body will respond much better to the optimal cushion provided by an exercise mat. It also helps provide the right grip and control for an effective, safe workout.

Go Fit exercise mats fit the bill. They feature 3-8 inch thickness, helping to protect your body’s “pressure points” from injury. The ribbed surface keeps you from slipping when you need to be gripping.

The Go Fit mat ($29.99) is 24-inches wide by 72 long, providing an ample workout surface.

GoFit Fit Mats are made from closed cell foam, which is durable and resists breaking down over time. The foam is also lightweight, and thanks to a carry strap can easily roll-and-go to exercise anywhere you want.

A neutral charcoal-gray color makes it extremely easy to keep clean, and is stylish for both men and women.

In addition to Go Fit portable exercise mats, At Home Fitness has a wide variety of other mats to help different areas of your home gym, ranging from yoga mats, to core fitness mats, to mats for under your bike and treadmill.

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