12 Days of AHF Christmas: Two home gyms

Editor’s note: To help get our loyal Internet followers ready for Christmas, and let them know about the many great deals available through At Home Fitness, I’m revealing the 12 days of AHF Christmas. Here’s Day 2:

“On the second day of Christmas, At Home Fitness sent to me Two home gyms, And A sales associate with a great plan.”

 Home gyms are one of the most basic, well-rounded ways to maintain and build muscle, while improving overall fitness as well. At Home Fitness carries more than a dozen great manufacturers who make home gyms and-or their first cousin – functional trainers.

Functional trainers have weight stacks on their base, too, but the main difference is in the cable systems that come with different shaped handles. They provide more options for working out and because the cable does not have to follow a fixed plane more sports specific routines can be implemented.

For this Christmas, two home gyms from At Home Fitness you might really want to give a long look at are made by Inspire Fitness and Body Solid.

Inspire Fitness has a great selection of Home Gyms, ranging from the Body Lift Home Gym (MSRP $1,395, AHF sale price $1,195) to the Full Smith Cage System (MSRP $5,195, AHF sale price $4,595).

The Smith Cage System has a Dual weight stack design that provides unique iso-lateral exercises. A double-racking system accommodates a Smith bar and free weight bar simultaneously. An Adjustable high/low pulley system offers a wide variety of functional and sport specific exercises. The Pull-up bar is adjustable in height to accommodate low ceiling clearance.

The Inspire Body Lift Home Gym has a heavy 2”x4” oval frame made of 11-gauge tubular steel. The powder coated finish offers a durable, maintenance-free finish. It’s very user-friendly with easy-to-make adjustments as you change exercises and select resistance levels with just a one-handed adjustment slide.

The Body Solid home gyms have been around since the early 1980s and continue to last because they offer quality and value. There are more than 10 different version of Body Solid home gyms and they all consistently get great fitness reviews because they are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty.
Body Solid offers a wide range of home gyms for different price points, but one thing remains consistent from model to model: first-rate components and materials.
They feature heavy gauge steel frames, tear-resistant vinyl padding, fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys, aircraft grade cables and brass bushings.
The home gyms manufactured by Body Solid are health club quality and offer great convenience for a home gym. You won’t have to have stacks of dumbbells, collars and weight plates with the Body solid home gym, which takes up a fraction of the space and offers just as good a workout.

One of their gyms that really stands out to me is the Body Solid G1S Selectorized Gym (AHF sale price $1,195). This unit features a good deal of power, strength and durability into the smallest footprint available. Centered on a 160 lb. selectorized weight stack, this gym allows over 40 toning, trimming and strength training exercises. From the multi-grip press arm to the contoured, adjustable seat pad, the G1S gives you more for your money than any other home gym on the market.

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