20 fitness resolution ideas for 2012

We are now midway through the first week of 2012.
Hopefully your holiday hangovers and eating binges are a thing of the past … and you’re focusing on ways to improve in the New Year.
If you already set a New Year’s Resolution that’s great.
If you didn’t, obviously it’s not too late.
Here are 20 fitness resolutions to make, or add to your existing goals, in 2012:
* Lose weight
* Eat more fruits and vegetables
* Cut down on your salt and sugar intake
* Drink less alcohol
* Quit smoking
* Reduce stress
* Take a fitness-related trip
* Take part in more family fitness activities
* Volunteer to help others with fitness, such as a youth coach
* Learn something a new workout routine or sport
* Try to get up earlier in the mornings
* Ride a bike outside for exercise
* Improve your time management
* Join a gym or health club
* Improve your home workout room with equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical or vibration training machine * Find a workout partner
* Treat your self to regular massage therapy
* Improve and vary your stretching routines
* Learn more about fitness (ie: subscribe to a fitness magazine, talk to a certified trainer, take an exercise class)
* Find more time and ways to relax – that can help your health, too!

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