30-second pep talk to spark your workout

If you’re finding trouble getting motivated to exercise, or can’t stay on a program for very long, don‘t throw in the towel.
Trainer Aaron is here to deliver a quick pep talk to get you moving.
Try one or more of these ideas and you’re sure to find the right workout groove:
Name your inspiration – Set a tangible goal such as fitting into a favorite old pair of jeans, or working back into shape like you were in an old picture, or setting a good example for your children and let that drive you to exercise.
Slow and steady wins the race, and gets you fit – It’s much better to exercise regularly – at least three times a week, 30 minutes or more – than get one super workout in a week.
Don’t go so hard when you return to working out that you burn yourself out. Ease back into it and pace yourself for the long haul.
And hopefully your slow and steady turns into fit and ready to increase the training regimen in time.
Log your training – If you write down your workout activity it will serve several purposes. You’ll be able to chart your progress and you’ll feel good looking back at your results. You can also make notes on what workouts you liked or didn’t. It should also serve as a motivator because you’ll feel like a slacker if several days go by without working out and your notebook is bare. Age has no limit for logging activity – my grandma is 92 and charts how long she walks each day.
Seek variety – Change up your workouts to avoid getting burned out and keep things interesting. It is also healthier if you don’t always work out the muscles the same way. If you use free weights a lot, on occasion try kettlebells. Try to mix in a form of cardio you don’t usually do, such as swimming or biking.
Be creative – If you’re pressed for time and have the kids for example, do some squats or pushups in your own living room while you’re watching them, or get a jog-behind stroller for trips to the park.

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