3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill

3G Cardio Lite Runner treadmill is a ‘Mighty Mini’ for small spaces

The 3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill (MSRP of $1,499, AHF special sale price of $999) is a “Might Mini.”

It’s perfect for people who have a small workout space in their home, apartment, or other spot, but want a sturdy treadmill.

The 3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill is extremely compact and can fit through a door frame. It has a small 18″ x 51″ workout surface and the streamlined fitness machine can be folded for behind-the-door storage, too.

The Lite Runner may be small, but it’s mighty. It’s sturdy enough to jog on and when you’re done it can be folded up and easily rolled through the door for storage. It’s one of the best treadmills priced under $1,000 you’ll find anywhere.

The 3G Cardio Lite Runner measures just 67 inches (length) x 29 3-4 (width) x 52 1-2 (height). It can be folded up to just 32 x 29 3-4 x 62 1-2 and rolled through most standard doorways for storage without having to disassemble.

Unlike most treadmills priced at $1,000 or under, the 3G Cardio Lite Runner has an extremely sturdy frame and belt and powerful motor. It doesn’t stall or lag when you walk or jog on it, which is the case for most other less expensive treadmills.

If you’ve ever used a cheap treadmill and felt it lag or stall, that’s largely due to the fact the motor is not strong enough to support you.

The 3G Cardio Lite Runner’s 2.5 High Torque Motor is strong enough to create a consistent belt speed. The Lite Runner is specifically designed for walking, which can actually draw more amps and put more stress on a treadmill motor than running because when a person walks on a treadmill their feet remain in contact with the treadmill belt for a longer period of time than when running.

The Lite Runner is great for walking, but you can also run on it.

3G Cardio manufactures it’s treadmills with durable basics and without a lot of extra “bells and whistles” in order to minimize expenses.
Those savings are then passed on to customers, who can buy a lot better treadmill for a considerably lower price than comparable models.

However, the 3G Cardio Lite Runner is specifically engineered with a higher torque / lower horsepower combination to ensure a smooth and consistent speed and feel on the 18 1-2 x 51 1-2 treadmill belt while walking at a lower mph.

The result is a smooth, powerful feel while walking or jogging that far exceeds similar-priced department store brands on which the user can actually feel the treadmill belt slow down and speed up on its own. When you walk at a slower speed or jog on the 3G Cardio Lite Runner, the belt speed will remain powerful and steady under your feet.

An outstanding warranty will cover the Lite Runner for the lifetime of the motor and frame for home use and three years for parts and one year for labor.

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