5-for-5: Five tips to drop five pounds

Do you want to tone up in a hurry and drop a few pounds in the process?
Here are five tips to lose five pounds in a matter of a week or so.

1. Do high-impact workouts – Instead of plodding along on the treadmill or elliptical for a half hour or more, do high-impact, interval training workouts. Go hard for a few minutes at a time, back off to a slower pace for a minute and then repeat the process several times.
Take the same approach when you lift weights – work out harder with short rests between sets and strive to finish your routine faster.
This can actually be a more fun way to exercise because you’re working harder and get done a lot quicker.

2. Drink lots of water – Drinking enough water will help you body in many ways. You’ll stay hydrated and won’t want to eat as much junk food. Drinking a big glass of water before a meal can help the stomach feel fuller.

3. Cut out soda pop – Avoid soda, sweets and other junk foods, as excess sugar directly leads to putting excess pounds.

4. Cut out white carbs – Stop eating processed foods, especially “white” carbs found commonly in bread and pasta. Instead, eat whole grain bread, pasta and rice.

5. Eat naturally – Leafy green vegetables and foods rich in protein are the meals you want to be eating. If most of your calories are consumed from natural foods like whole grains, vegetables, fish, nuts, fruits and healthy fats, you’ll increase your metabolism and naturally stay leaner.

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