A-list fitness gift ideas: Elliptical Machine

When it comes to gym equipment, one of the best ways to get a great cardio and leg workout with putting excess stress on your joints is the elliptical machine.
Getting an elliptical machine for a friend or loved one would certainly rank near the top on anyone’s A-list for the best fitness-related Christmas gifts.
Although treadmills are the longtime dominant fitness machine for cardio exercises, elliptical machines continue to gain in popularity.
Go to any fitness club or gym that has both machines and you’ll likely see people getting great workouts on both.
Elliptical trainers differ from treadmills in that they give you an upper body workout as well a leg workout due to the handles you grab onto.
Thanks to secured footpads, there is little or no impact on your feet, knees and joints as you perform the elliptical motion.
Many people switch to ellipticals because it’s less harsh on the joints, especially older folks.
For people looking to change up their workout or get more motivation, the different type of movement on an elliptical machine does the trick.
Older people or those looking for a new twist to their workout might like the elliptical better, but whatever direction you choose both pieces of equipment offer an excellent way to improve cardio health and tone muscles.
Because ellipticals give a thorough, complete-body workout for the upper and lower body simultaneously, the heart rate elevates quickly.
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