A-list fitness gift ideas: Treadmill

When thinking about a top-of-the-line fitness gift to give a loved one, friend or even yourself for Christmas, a treadmill is as good as it gets.
Arguably the MVP of a club or home gym, the treadmill comes in a variety of styles and prices to meet your needs. They also benefit people of just about any age.
With a treadmill you can customize your training however you want.
Set the speed, incline, intervals and time of the workout with countless options available to be programmed.
On a treadmill the running surface is consistent every time. You won’t have to worry about tripping or falling after running over a hole or rock and hurting yourself.
Of course, when you have a treadmill, you also control the environment. If it’s colder or hotter than you’d prefer outside, or there’s a chance of rain and lightning or high winds, a treadmill allows you to quickly bring your workout inside.
Many people also value being able to control the entertainment around them while using a treadmill. You can face the TV or place a magazine on the treadmill rack. Or set up your home stereo however you want nearby. By the time your favorite TV sitcom is over you can have a great half hour workout in.
Another benefit over running outdoors is that the padded surface on a treadmill makes for a softer landing than running on may outdoor surfaces. The treadmill is easier on the joints and limits extra strain on the body.
It’s also easy to chart how far or fast you’ve gone on a treadmill, or how many calories you’ve burned, as treadmills offer a visual display to track results.
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