Amazon sales tax requirement in Arizona should level playing field for local businesses

The retail playing field will soon be leveled in Arizona between brick and mortar stores such as At Home Fitness and online giant
Beginning Feb. 1, Amazon has agreed as part of a legal settlement to begin collecting sales tax in Arizona on all physical and digital products it sells online. Sales tax in Arizona is 6.6 percent.
That means that people buying everything from treadmills, to video games to online Kindle books will have to pay extra when shopping with Amazon.
At Home Fitness co-owner Bryan Dorksen said this is a good time for people who have frequently done business on Amazon, in order to avoid sales tax, to re-consider the benefits of shopping local businesses.
“Why not keep money locally by shopping at a business whose owners and employees live in the Phoenix-area like us at At Home Fitness?” said Dorksen, who along with Greg Feeder co-owns Arizona’s biggest specialty fitness store. “When you shop locally you also get the advantage of being able to see, touch and feel the products that you’re looking at. That allows you to be able to make a better decision on purchases.”
In addition to having the best selection of fitness equipment and best-trained sales associates in Arizona at its superstores located in At Home Fitness also offers Scottsdale, Desert Ridge, Ahwatukee and Gilbert, the company also offers an easy, no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee on equipment.
Amazon and the Arizona Department of Revenue reached a deal on the tax agreement in September, but it wasn’t announced publicly until Oct. 26 when Amazon submitted its quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s spokesman Matthew Benson said the governor believes this agreement will make things more equitable for local businesses.
“The agreement allows the state to settle this dispute without litigation while securing partial payment and establishing that Amazon will be collecting and paying taxes going forward,” Benson told
Michelle Ahlmer, Arizona Retailers Association executive director, added these thought in a statement: “We are thrilled that Amazon will be collecting the tax on sales to Arizona customers and will become a business that is investing in Arizona alongside the brick-and-mortar retailers,” . She said that retailers thrive on competition and will now have a chance at “a fair fight.”

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