At Home Fitness has the Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Recumbent Bike

At Home Fitness in Arizona is the place to get a great deal on the Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Recumbent Bike.

Arizona’s specialty fitness equipment fitness leader has the Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Recumbent Bike for $1,795.

This bike has a convenient low step through height that offers easy access to the seat.

The Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Recumbent Bike

The Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Recumbent Bike

The Silent Poly V Belt Drive System provides whisper quiet operation. A Friction Free Electro-magnetic Resistance System means no wearing on the parts.

Contact Heart Rate sensors built into the handles allow for complete control and pacing of your workout.

The resistance starts at an ultra-easy 10 watts and the Stride Length has 12 options to choose from on a machine that is built sturdy with a weight of 200 pounds.

Inspire Fitness is a fitness equipment manufacturer based in Corona, Calif., and a longtime leader when it comes to exceptional quality, design and value.

Known for smooth to operate, highly durable machines, Inspire Fitness produces a wide assortment of products ranging from functional trainers, home gyms and seated ellipticals. With models such as the Inspire Smith Ensemble, Inspire FT2 and M Series home gyms, it is no wonder they have received numerous best buy and editor choice awards.

If you are looking for a recumbent bike in Arizona, make sure to check out At Home Fitness and the Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Recumbent Bike.

If you have had any back trouble, a recumbent bike might be the best choice because of its added support. When choosing a stationary bike, comfort is a big key.

For many people who are way overweight a recumbent is a great way to start the process of trimming down. You can get a cardio workout on it without putting much stress on the back and joints.

Each type of fitness bike has its pros and cons depending on your riding preferences and fitness goals. Whatever type of exercise bike you decide on, make sure you test ride a variety to make sure you’ll want to use it.

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