Average guys guide to losing belly fat: Part III discipline

Sometimes the hardest part in a journey is taking the first step.
Since turning 40, I’ve noticed it’s become tougher and tougher to win the battle of the bulge, even with an athletic background and exercising fairly regularly.
For guys over 40, and even younger, there are some common-sense ways to keep your midsection trim without becoming a total vegetarian or yoga mat disciple (not that there’s anything wrong with yoga, or being a vegetarian, but they’re not my cup of tea).
Keeping your midsection toned basically comes down to three words: moderation, exercise and discipline.
Today, we’ll look at ways discipline can help allow you to have your cake and eat it too (eat foods you like, but also stay trim).
Many middle-aged men rest on their laurels of the past, when they may have been a good athlete or in pretty good shape. They may even be pretty strong still, but own a big gut as well.
Own up to the fact your waistline has expanded too far and something needs to be done.
Maybe take a side-angle picture with your shirt off and hang it up to provide motivation. It can be your “before” picture to compare with how you’ll look after getting back into shape.
Begin the good habits of exercising again and watching what you eat and soon it will become second nature. It might not take as much as you think to trim down. A lot of small changes can add up to big results.

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