Avoid Empty Calories by Staying Away from Energy Drinks and Bars

Are you looking for a way to give yourself an extra boost of energy before engaging in your workout?  If so, you may be considering drinking a sports drink or eating an energy bar beforehand.  While these foods and drinks may provide you with a small and temporary boost of energy, they may actually be providing you with extra calories that stand in the way of your losing weight. 

If you are interested in using sports drinks or bars to help you with your workout, you need to be certain your routine warrants the extra calories.  For example, if you are engaging in endurance training that you will be taking place over a long period of time, using sports drinks and bars may be a good idea.  If you are engaging in the typical workout, however, you will basically be working out just so you can burn those calories back off again!

In addition to providing you with an excessive amount of calories, sports drinks and sports bars also typically have a significant amount of sugar.  In fact, the sugar is often what makes you feel as if you have more energy, but this extra boost will fade away within a short time and will be replaced by a lack of energy.  Furthermore, you obviously don’t want to add more sugar to your diet when you are trying to lose weight. 

If you want to give yourself an extra boost of energy before your workout, try eating some healthy, low calorie foods instead.  These foods will provide you with extra energy that will be longer-lasting and that will not fill your body with empty calories.