Avoiding Post-Meal Sleepiness

Avoiding Post-Meal Sleepiness

Have you ever finished eating a meal and then felt like you were going to fall asleep?  All of us have had this feeling, which is often referred to as having a “food coma” at some point.  But, what causes this feeling to occur and what can you do to avoid becoming the victim of a food coma?

There are actually many potential reasons for experiencing a food coma after a meal.  The most common reason is simply eating too much at one time, though eating a larger number of carbs or a great deal of sugar can also lead to a food coma.  Therefore, many people experience food comas a great deal during the holiday season because they tend to overeat or to snack on lots of sweets.

If you want to avoid food comas, you might want to try eating several small meals throughout the day rather than a couple of large ones.  Not only will this help keep your energy level up without bogging down your body, it will also help keep your metabolism going strong.  You should also consider cutting back on carbs, as meals that are high in carbs have a tendency to increase the amount of tryptophan that is released in the body.  This is then converted to serotonin, which can create a sense of sleepiness.  Avoiding sugar and choosing foods that are high in protein can also help you fend off the sugar coma while also keeping your body stronger and healthier.

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