Become a crusher: four tips to strengthen your grip

If you want to build extraordinary forearm strength and grip, it will take extra effort.
But it might not take as much as you think to notice a difference.
To rank among the elite grippers it will require an elite level of training, but even with a few extra exercises added to your workout routine you will be on the way to being a member of the captain crusher team.
Here are four tips to build up your forearms and grip strength:
1. Get a gripper – Buy a gripper and do sets of three to failure, rest 60 seconds and repeat. Do three sets. You can do these at the gym and also at night at home while you’re watching TV to get extra reps in.

2. Wrist roller – This will also help your grip, while really building up your forearm power. You can either purchase a wrist roller or make your own – go to the hardware store and cut a piece of pipe 1 1-2 inches wide and approximately 16-18 inches long. Drill a hole through the center, tie a knot in a piece of heavy cord and string it through, then fasten a carabiner on the end to hold the weights in place.

3. Farmers Walk– Grab two dumbbells in each hand and run or walk quickly around the gym or outside with them. Your grip will get stronger in a hurry and you’ll get some cardio in, too.

4. Thick Bars – A thick bar makes gripping a bar more challenging and will improve your tendon and ligament strength .
Use thick-bar grips on dumbbells and straight bars, for a variety of lifts.