Bring health club home with Cybex and Life Fitness equipment

At Home Fitness has grown to become Arizona’s leader in specialty fitness sales because of the outstanding relationships its built with customers and manufacturers.

Customers have come to expect great advice, selection, savings and service.

Likewise, manufacturers are happy to have their products carried at the At Home Fitness superstores and also on their website Because of the high volume of business, At Home Fitness is able to offer great pricing and selection on equipment that competitors simply can’t match.

Two lines of equipment that At Home Fitness is especially proud to carry are Cybex and Life Fitness. In 2016, Cybex joined the Life Fitness family of brands. Life Fitness is a division of Brunswick Corporation and employs 3,000 workers worldwide.


Cybex and LifeFitness make high-end specialty fitness equipment for commercial and home use, which are extremely popular at gyms throughout the U.S. and beyond.

These lines also offer equipment that’s great for home use. You can bring the health club home with Cybex and Life Fitness machines that can meet a variety of workout goals and budget levels.

Cybex International produces award-winning commercial fitness equipment, which is popular with everyone from first-time users to professional athletes.

“The company’s dedication to exercise science, through the Cybex Research Institute, leads the fitness industry in providing scientific basis for the development of exercise machines that enhance human performance,” Cybex states on its website. “With over 90 patents, Cybex equipment is innovative in design, durable in structure and engineered to be biomechanically correct to produce optimal results with minimal stress on the body – this is the Cybex Advantage.”

Go to any health club that has Cybex Arc Trainer machines and they’re almost sure to be among the most used pieces of fitness equipment in the building. Cybex Arc Trainers are incredibly smooth, durable, effective and, just as important, fun to use.

For the first time in more than a decade, you can “try before you buy” when shopping for a Cybex Arc Trainer in Arizona. Whether you’re in Gilbert or Ahwatukee, Scottsdale or Desert Ridge, Cave Creek or right in Phoenix, At Home Fitness is where to buy Cybex Arc Trainer machines in Arizona.

There’s an At Home Fitness location just a short drive from where you’re at in many places in Arizona, or if you live farther away it’s still worth it to get a chance to try out the No. 1-rated Arc Trainer machine.

At Home Fitness has the Cybex 525AT Total Body Arc Trainer, Cybex 625AT Lower Body Arc Trainer and Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer available at its three super stores in Arizona, as well as online at

Cybex Arc Trainers have been proven to burn significantly more calories (16 percent) than an elliptical machine and they put 84 percent less stress on the knees. Research has shown that elliptical knee stress is comparable to performing lunges, while exercising on an Arc Trainer is like walking.

The Life Fitness roots trace back to the earliest days of the modern fitness craze with the Lifecycle in the 1970s. Today, the Rosemont, Illinois, based company is still a leader that produces equipment with both the Health Club owner and home exerciser in mind.

Life Fitness R3 Lifecycle with Go ConsoleIf you are shopping for LifeFitness equipment in Arizona, At Home Fitness carries a wide variety of their products ranging from Elliptical Cross Trainers, to Lifecycles and Recumbent Bikes, to Home Gyms.

Call one of At Home Fitness’ superstore locations or stop in for more information:* Ahwatukee- 14647 So. 50th St., Phoenix, AZ 85044 (480-940-1022);* Gilbert – 2810 S. Market St., Gilbert, AZ 85295 (480-855-6044) and;* Scottsdale – 6969 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (480-951-6951).
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