Brown Sugar Versus White Sugar

Have you ever heard that brown sugar is better for your health than white sugar?  This is actually a common myth, which was mostly brought about by the mindset that “brown is better.”  While this may hold true when it comes to white rice versus brown rise, the same rule of thumb does not apply to sugar. 

To better understand why brown sugar is not better for you than white sugar, it is helpful to understand what brown sugar actually is.  Put simply, brown sugar is nothing more than white sugar that has been colored and flavored with molasses.  Therefore, you are still getting all of the negative side effects of white sugar as well as the added negative effects associated with molasses.

The reality is that you should cut out all types of sugars in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.  In fact, sugar can have a negative effect on your body in a number of different ways.  These include…

  • · Causing tooth decay
  • · Leading to weight gain
  • · Contributing to osteoporosis
  • · Having an effect on your mood
  • · Causing insulin levels to increase
  • · Leading to an increase in blood pressure

While cutting sugar completely out of your diet is nearly impossible, it is best to reduce your consumption as much as possible.  Not only will it help you keep your weight under control, it will also help keep your body healthy.