Build Speed and Strength with Plyometrics

Are you wanting to build up both your power and your speed?  If so, you might want to consider implementing some exercise techniques referred to as plyometrics. With plyometrics, you use explosive movements to help build up the power in your muscles while also increasing your response time and overall speed.  If you were a basketball player, for example, you might engage in a box jumping exercise in order to build up your leg muscles while also increasing the height of your vertical jump.  Whether you are looking to speed up your upper body or your lower body, there are plenty of plyometric exercises you can use.

Building Speed in the Lower Body

If you are interested in increasing speed and strength in your lower body, one exercise you might want to follow is the side box jump.  With side box jumps, you stand on one side of a bench or box while in the squatting position.  You then jump over the box while keeping your knees tucked into your chest.  Then, land with both feet on the other side of the bench or box.

Another plyometric exercise or the lower body is the double knee jump.  With this exercise, you start in the squatting position and then jump up as you tuck your knees into your chest.  Then, return to the squatting position when you hit the floor.

Building Speed in the Upper Body

If you are looking to increase speed and strength in your upper body, the clap push-up is a good exercise to use.  With the clap push-up, you perform a normal push-up.  But, as you push up, you bring your hands up and clap them together and quickly put them back down so you can catch yourself before you hit the ground.

Medicine ball twists are another option, though you need two people to perform the movement properly.  These exercises help build your core strength in your lower back and abdomen.  In order to engage in this exercise, you both stand with your backs against each other.  Then, you pass the medicine ball to each other by twisting in one direction multiple times.  Then, switch directions so you can get the workout both ways.

If you perform these exercises on a regular basis, you will find your speed increasing as well as your strength.  Not only will this help with your overall level of fitness, it can also significantly help improve your game if you enjoy competing in athletic events.