Bump Your Workout Up to the Next Level with Plyometric Exercises

Are you looking for a way to take your workout to a whole new level? Unfortunately, if you stick with the same workout day after day, you may stop getting the results you are after. By changing up your workout and adding some plyometric exercises to your regular routine, however, you will improve your results while also getting a better all-around workout.

With the help of plyometric exercises, you can help improve the look of your body while also increasing your power and speed. Some plyometric exercises you can use for your upper body include:

·    Clap Push-Ups – perform this exercise like a regular push up, but you clap your hands together as you push up and quickly put your hands back down in order to catch yourself.
·    Medicine Ball Twists – this exercise requires two people to perform. As you stand back to back, you pass the medicine ball to one another by twisting in alternating directions about 10 times to each side. In addition to building power and speed, this exercise also helps develop core strength.

Some plyometric exercises you can perform for the lower body include:

·    Side Box Jumps – with this exercise, you position yourself in a squatting position to one side of a bench or a box. You then jump over the box, keeping your knees tucked beneath your chest as you jump and then landing with both feet on the other side of the box.
·    Double Knee Jumps – begin in a squatting position and then jump up with your knees tucked into your chest before returning to the squatting position