Changing diet can boost workouts

You’re going to the gym regularly, working hard and getting stronger.
But you still aren’t getting toned up the way you’d like, especially around the midsection.
Chances are you need to transfer some of the energy and dedication you bring toward exercising to improving your diet.
Changing your diet can give you very quick results that allow you to feel better about yourself.
If you are a little, or a lot overweight and you are not having the fitness success you’d like, focus on your diet – and change you eating habits. You may find that after dropping even a few pounds it may give you an instant boost for your workouts as well.
Here are seven basic good diet tips you can start implementing today to improve your health, and improve your overall body physique.
1. Drink 8 glasses of water each day.
2. Spread out meals every 2-3 hours instead of just eating one or two big meals during the day.
3. Eat lean proteins such as chicken, certain types of fish and pork
4. Eat vegetables as often as possible
5. Don’t drink beverages like soda and or alcoholic beverages such as beer if you’re serious about losing weight. Cutting out pop entirely from the diet can cause the average person to lose five pounds right away.
6. Eat whole grain foods whenever possible, avoid white bread and white rice.
7. Eat whole foods whenever possible

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