Cheap cologne is not a gift – these last-minute fitness presents are

Take it from a guy, cheap cologne is not a good Christmas gift. Neither is a tie in many cases.
If you want to get your loved one something that won’t gather dust in a corner, sit in a drawer or be re-gifted, here are several last-minute fitness present ideas arranged by budget to give this Christmas.
Spend a lot – For the last week I’ve been listing A-list fitness gift ideas. If you really want to wow someone, and give them a gift that will keep on giving, go back and review my A-list picks.
They are treadmill, elliptical machine, vibration plate machine, exercise bike and home gym.
Those are gifts that will cost more than usual for many people, but will never be forgotten by the people they’re given to if you give top quality products.
Spend some – There are lots of great choices for last-minute gifts in the mid-range price sector.
Here are some ideas to check out: Kettlebells, dumbbells, weight bench, Heart Rate Monitor (note: EKHO FiT28 Unisex Heart Rate Monitor, $99.95 through is a good one)
Spend a little – Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t give a great fitness gift. Here are some ideas at the low end of the cost spectrum.
Ekho Three Pedometer, Dr. Hoys Pain Relief Gel, GoFit Core Disk, Smartweight Power Tube.
Here’s another budget idea: FitDeck cards (approx. $10-15 at most book stores) – Excellent stocking-stuffer for the home or to take on the road while traveling. Sized like a deck of playing cards, FitDeck cards show exercises that require no equipment, such as jumping jacks, situps and pushups.
Can’t decide? Put together a fitness basket. Some ideas to put in the basket are an exercise ball, workout clothes, calorie counter, power tube, jump rope, energy booster snacks and other exercise goodies.
Another great ideas is an At Home Fitness Gift Card. Check out for the present that can never go wrong – gift cards.
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