Chocolate milk: Tastes good and actually good for your fitness

It used to be that chocolate milk was considered a kids’ drink. That’s not the case anymore as recent research suggests that when it comes time to fuel up after a tough workout that choclate milk is actually an excellent option.

In fact, more and more experts are saying it’s one of the best choices out there to help recover after fitness.

Chocolate milk does more than drinking just water or sports drinks like Gatorade. It has twice the carbohydrate and protein content, making it ideal to restore tired muscles. The high water content replenishes lost fluids, while adding nutritional value with calcium and small amounts of sodium and sugar.
Trainers say chocolate milk offers more benefit to athletes who really push themselves hard, like distacne runners, swimmers, cyclists or competiive basketball or tennis players who burn lots of calories during long training sessions or competitions.
Athletes who push on for extended periods require high levels of calories, carbs, and protein.
So don’t be afraid to turn back to your childhood favorite – chocolate milk can actually do a body good.

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