Choosing Accessories for Your Treadmill

Many people do not realize it, but there are many different types of accessories you can add to your treadmill in order to get a more effective and enjoyable workout.  While some of these accessories may be included with the treadmill when you purchase it, you can also purchase these accessories separately in order to enjoy the benefits these accessories have to offer.

Get Reading with a Reading Rack

If you are looking for something to do while working out on your treadmill, you might want to consider adding a reading rack to your treadmill.  With a reading rack, a magazine, book or newspaper can be easily mounted for you to read as you workout.  One word of caution:  don’t let your reading stand between you and getting an effective workout.  If you can’t read and workout at the necessary speed and with the proper posture, you might want to save your reading for another time.

Hold it with a Caddy

You might be surprised by how much you use a caddy with your treadmill.  At the very least, you will want some sort of caddy or drink holder to hold your water while you workout, but you may also want the caddy to hold your MP3 player, a remote control for your stereo or television, Kleenex, or even your keys. 

Stay Comfortable with a Floor Mat

Placing a mat beneath your treadmill isn’t just about keeping your floor safe, it also helps to reduce the vibrations and the amount of noise made by the machine.  As a result, your workout is more comfortable for you.

Keep it Clean with a Cleaning Kit

A treadmill cleaning kit will help you keep your treadmill looking good and functioning properly.  Items found in these kits include applicator wands, cleaning solution, scrub brushes and instructions for using the kit as effectively as possible.