Choosing the Right Water Bottle

Choosing the Right Water Bottle

Choosing the Right Water Bottle

Undoubtedly, you already understand the importance of staying well hydrated throughout your workout.  By drinking plenty of water as you workout, you help your body work more effectively at building muscle, burning fat and otherwise getting healthier from your workout.  Yet, you may not realize that the bottle you use to hold your water may have a long term effect on your health.  In fact, there has a been a great deal of controversy surrounding the possible dangers associated with plastic water bottles.  But, what exactly is this controversy all about and is this something that you need to be concerned about?

Understanding BPA

The biggest reason for the controversy surrounding plastic water bottles is the use of Biphenol A, or BPA, that is used when making some types of water bottles.  Researchers have linked this chemical to reproductive issues, cancer and endocrine damage in laboratory studies with animals. Yet, there is little research available regarding the effects of this chemical on humans.  Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to look into BPA and to take steps to avoid exposure to the chemical if at all possible.

Exploring Water Bottles

For the most part, you shouldn’t have to worry about being exposed to BPA when you purchase bottled water, as most water bottles do not contain the chemical.  At the same time, most experts recommend using the bottles only once in order to avoid the potential of being exposed to BPA.

Nalgene bottles currently do contain BPA, though they are taking steps to phase out the use of BPA in these bottles.  While these bottles are still considered to be safe to use, it is a good idea to stick with the BPA-free bottles in order to avoid the possibility of being exposed to the chemical.

If you prefer to fill your own bottle with water, your bottle of choice may be the soft plastic bottles that you squeeze in order to release the water.  Although these bottles do not contain BPA, they should be washed on a regular basis in order to avoid facing other health concerns.  The same is true of stainless steel bottles, which last longer than soft plastic bottles and can be safely washed in the dishwasher.