Comparing top elliptical machines

The elliptical fitness market features many outstanding choices for someone who wants to add one of the highly popular machines to their home gym.
Four of the top brands are Octane, Life Fitness, AFG and LifeCore.
As with shopping for a treadmill, there are many elliptical options available even within a specific brand. Details such as differences in the frame size and electronic boards can alter the price significantly depending on what options are important to you.
Make sure to also compare warranties and service agreements and, of course, try out the model the way you’d use it in a store if at all possible. There can be a big difference between ellipticals in their track pattern and how sturdy they feel. With a good elliptical, you should be able to balance well enough on it to operate with no hands holding on.
The following is a sampling of some of the elliptical machines available, along with the At Home Fitness price and product description to give you an idea of cost variations:
* Octane Fitness Q35c Elliptical — The original Octane elliptical just keeps getting better, delivering the form, function and results that exercisers want. The new Octane Fitness Q35c features contact heart rate monitoring and enhanced X-Mode workout booster to let you get even more out of your workout. From the natural fluid motion of Body-Mapping Ergonomics and QuadLink drive to the informative electronics and variety of pre-programmed workouts, this elliptical gets you moving
At Home Fitness Sale Price: $1,999.00
* Life Fitness X8 Basic Elliptical — Life Fitness introduces their newest elliptical model, the Life Fitness X8. The new Life Fitness X8 replaces the top selling Life Fitness X7 with new advanced interior components combined with all the great feel and functionality of the Life Fitness X7.
If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in elliptical cross-trainers, look no further.
AHF Sale Price: $3,599.00 save $400
* Vision Fitness S7100 Suspension Trainer — The value-priced Vison Fitness S7100 Suspension Elliptical features PerfectStride technology, which combines an ideal stride motion, ergonomically-correct foot positioning, and optimal incline and stride length adjustments. The unique suspension design provides an exceptionally smooth feel, utmost comfort, and unmatched accessibility. The Vision Fitness S7100’s smaller footprint makes it the perfect addition to your home.
AHF Sale Price: $2,699.00 save $300
* AFG 3.0 AE Elliptical — Our 3.0 AE elliptical machine design proves that you can combine simplicity with state-of-the-art. We started with the reliable 2.0 AE elliptical frame, then doubled the resistance levels and program choices, as well as incorporated a wireless heart rate receiver, so you can explore a greater variety of workouts, intensity levels and monitoring options.
AHF Sale Price: $1,169.00 save $330
* LifeCore Fitness LC985vg Elliptical — The LifeCore Fitness LC985vg Elliptical is a combination of the LC980 and the LC990, combining some of the best features of both models while keeping the price in the mid-range. LifeCore Fitness has truly made a remarkable machine, engineering one of the most compact and fluid ellipticals in the market today.
AHF Sale Price: $899.00 save $300.

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