Couples fitness ideas: Part II

Fit couples are very often happy couples. Exercising together can help couples be more healthy and spend more fun time together.
In part two of our series on couples’ fitness, here are five more ways you can stay fit together:
1 Go for a jog – Lace up the sneakers and go for a run. To take it up a notch, train together and eventually run in a 5K race together.
If the weather is poor outside, or it’s dark out, it’s nice to have a treadmill in your home to also use. Some couples have his-and-her treadmills, but if you only have one treadmill then one partner can run or walk on it while the other does a different part of their workout.
2 Go for a walk – Take regular walks around town and hold hands together. This is a nice way to get the blood going and relax if you don’t have the energy or time for a jog. The American Heart Association reports that a one hour walk for a 150-pound person burns about 320 calories.
3 Go for a hike – Get a little more serious about your walk by upgrading it to a hike. Strap on a backpack and head to a state park or other hiking area and get closer to not only your partner, but nature.
4 Dance together – One of the most popular couples workouts is dance. It can be so much fun many people probably don’t even consider it exercise. It can not only serve as good exercise to lose weight, but is also a skill to show off in social settings like weddings or parties.
5 Take an exercise class – Sign up for an exercise class together, such as spinning or yoga.

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