Don’t believe the ‘big’ myth about women and weightlifting

My commentary on ladies fitness tips continues today. The goal is to debunk some myths about women and weightlifting and also get your ab workout into the 2000s 

Get with the right sit-up program
In every gym or workout room I’ve been to, most men and women have changed the way they work out the abs. Sorry, the old middle-school gym, lying on the floor and coming up to the bent knees sit-ups went out with the cassette tape and guys in short-shorts.
If you haven’t tried sit-ups yet on an exercise ball, trust me and give them a try. They’re more fun, easier on the spine and really work the abs better.
The plank is also really coming into style – it’s where you hold yourself up off the ground – propping yourself on the toes and forearms. It sounds easy, but it will really give you a burn.

Don’t believe the “big” myth about women and weights – hit ’em hard
I doubt if there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t heard the myth that women shouldn’t lift too heavy of weights, or else they’ll get huge. Like a linebacker on a football team.
Everyone I’ve talked to said that’s really not something women need to worry about if they follow a balanced program (ie: don’t spend five workouts a week on the leg press machine with 45-pound plates stacked high and wide).
Ladies, relax and repeat after me, “It is OK to try and up the amount of weight that’s lifted.”
That is, unless you have highly unusual genetics to put on muscle rapidly. In that case, please give me a head start if you’re unhappy with the way this workout plan turned out and decide to come after me.
I’m told women should find weights where they can do 15-20 reps, the last being the absolute last they can do to start. If you can handle the exercises at a certain weight, add another set of reps or add more weight
If a woman is lifting dumbbells lighter than her cat (unless it’s a real jumbo) then she’s not going to get much stronger or more toned. You need to challenge yourself – as we all know almost nothing comes for free.
Machine exercises are good, but don’t be afraid to try free weights.
And one other thing, don’t be intimidated by bigger guys lifting humungous amounts of weight if you go to a gym. Go about your business. Everyone there knows it would be a lot easier to be on the couch watching CSI re-runs, drinking soda and eating Ho-Hos.
So get cracking toward being fit starting today ladies. You go girl!

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