Don’t let a setback keep you down

The mental and emotional disappointment of any physical setback may trigger feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and even depression.
Maybe it’s necessary to modify a fitness routine due to physical limitations as a result of an injury.
If running was a big part of your 20s and 30s, but no longer feels good on 40 year-old knees, it may be difficult to accept that you can’t run your endless miles the way you used to.
For people who have suffered back injuries, they may have to make even bigger changes.
However, it usually doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising altogether.
Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and giving up what you love, give in to something new. After consulting with a medical professional for persistent pain, altering your fitness routine may be a solution to moving forward.
Run less and bike more, or stretch more and lift weights less.
Turn to using something like an elliptical machine or vibration training machine to get a good workout instead of running. Maybe get into swimming laps or joining a swim fitness class.
Sometimes slowing it down is necessary to get back on track, or maybe it’s time to set a new goal.
Be kind to yourself during those times, and trust your body.
Enjoy the journey, even if you have to take a few detours.
Instead of focusing on the miles think about the importance of a cardiovascular workout, and all the ways you can get and stay fit.

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