Eat the right post-workout meal

You’ve made time to get to the gym, worked hard and left satisfied with your effort. But there’s one more thing to take care of next: your appetite.

Soon you’ll be hungry because of the extra calories you’ve burned.
To avoid having the munchies the rest of the day, eating the wrong things and counter-acting the positive steps you’ve made, eat the right kind of post workout snack or light meal.
A snack after exercising will also help with muscle recovery, repair and growth. A low-fat, high-protein snack is essential after a workout.
Here are seven excellent post-workout snacks/light meals:

1. Low-fat protein bar
2. Grilled chicken breast
3. Skim milk or even chocolate milk
4. Non-fat yogurt
5. Turkey sandwich (pick smart toppings and skip the mayo)
6. Fruit
7. Tuna/tuna salad

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