Eat this, do that: The statistics of eating and exercising

Have you ever bellied up to a restaurant table and logged a triple-double?
I call that having an appetizer, main meal and dessert.
If you do that, you will likely notice the final statistics at the scale the next day for sure – and they won’t be in favor of your fitness.
But how much do certain foods really pack onto your body?
Back by popular demand, here’s another installment of “Eat this, do that.”
If you want to eat the following items, I’ll tell you how much on average you’ll have to do to work them off courtesy of statistic provided by Wooster Community Hospital in Ohio.
For a 155-pound person here are some examples:
EAT 1 large cheeseburger… DO 1 hour 10 minutes of pushing a lawn mower
EAT 1 four-inch brownie… DO 2 hours of walking 3 mph*
DRINK 12 ounces Miller Light… DO 15 minutes of aerobics*
For a 205-pound person here are some examples:
DRINK 12 ounces of Budweiser… DO 40 minutes tossing a football*
EAT 10 buffalo wings… DO 1 hour 15 minutes of touch football
EAT 2 servings of sour cream and onion chips… DO 1 hour of cleaning gutters.
There you go, a scouting report on what some of your favorite things to eat or drink really cost you. Go ahead and eat or drink them if you wish, but be prepared to put in the time to work them off.

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