Eating right is an adventure worth taking

Have you ever grilled chicken brats, or made turkey burgers?
What about adding baby spinach leaves and a slice of avocado on a low-sodium turkey breast sandwich?
Maybe you’ll discover that asparagus tastes delicious broiled and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and fresh cracked pepper.
Sure you may try a new recipe, take one bite and spit it out, and promptly order a pizza.
But do yourself a favor and keep searching for healthy flavor options to add to your menu. Substituting healthier versions of old favorites can take inches off your waistline.
There are so many great cookbooks out there, share recipes with friends, or sign up for a cooking class.
Exploring good nutrition will support your physical fitness.
Here are some more healthy substitution ideas:
* Sherbet or low-fat frozen yogurt for ice cream;
* Plain low-fat yogurt for sour cream;
* One percent or fat-free milk for whole milk;
* Pasta with vegetables for pasta with cheese sauce and;
* Egg whites or egg substitutes for whole eggs.

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