Eight great reasons to lift weights

If you don’t know it by now, strength training is for a lot more than guys who want to look good in cutoff shirts.
There are a whole host of reasons why having good muscle tone and performing regular strength training exercises can benefit men and women of nearly all ages. Here are eight great reasons to lift weights:
1. Increase muscle mass – Multiple studies show that a three-day-a-week strength training program can increase muscle mass over time.
2. Avoid muscle loss – Adults who don’t perform strength training exercises on a regular basis lose on average between 5-7 pounds of muscle every decade.
Cardio exercise is extremely beneficial, but it doesn’t maintain or build muscle mass as we get older.
3. Improve metabolic rate – When muscles are strong, they increase metabolic rates. On the flip side, muscle loss is accompanied by a decrease in a person’s resting metabolic rate.
4. Reduce Body Fat – After as little as three months of strength training a person can lose 4-5 pounds of fat even without big diet changes. According to studies, regular strength training will result in more lean weight, which burns calories faster than fat.
5. Increase bone density – Strength training not only builds muscle, but improves bone density.
That’s why doctors are constantly telling people 40 and over, and especially senior citizens, to lift weights or use functional trainers.
Stronger bones mean less risk for breaks during falls.
6. Reduces injury risk – When people lift weights, it also strengthens ligaments and tendons and improves balance and coordination. All of this can help you avoid injuries.
7. Improves quality of life – Lifting weights increases balance, stability and flexibility. This makes performing every day activities easier.
Lifting weights puts your joints and ligaments through a full range of motion, greatly helping flexibility as well.
8. Makes you more confident – Both men and women who lift weights feel better about themselves.
It can help with confidence and even help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.
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